Sponsorship and Bids

To bid from the RHA sponsorship pool you need to fill out the application below and submit it to the Community Relations Coordinator 10 days prior to a General Council meeting. After you have submitted the application it will be reviewed and you will receive feedback within 3 days. The next step you need to take is to present your program to the General Council. There is a guide below that will give you helpful direction on how to present to the council. The council will then have a vote and if it passes your program will be funded by RHA.


The amount being bid for must not exceed $500 or half the cost of the program. For example, if a total program cost is $480 then the most that could be bid for that program is $240. If the total cost of the program is $200 or less the full amount of the program may be bid for. If the cost of the program is $400 or less you may bid for up to $200.


Please send the completed application to Wendy Johnson at  usu.rhacrc@usu.edu


Templates PDF

RHA Sponsorship Application