Meet Our Executives

Crysi Muhwezi

RHA President

Sarah Clark

RHA Administrative Vice President

Sarah Clark currently is pursuing a Master's Degree in School Counseling.  Before coming to Utah State, she received an Associate’s degree from Salt Lake Community College.  She was drawn to Utah State because of the community and opportunities provided for students.  Sarah’s second year as a housing staff member was spent as the South RHA Advisor.  This year she is excited to be living and working withing the Family Housing Community.   


Kayla Orton

RHA National Communications Coordinator

A little bit about me! I am a senior here at USU studying Family and Consumer Sciences Education. I love cooking, baking, sewing, reading and playing board games.  I started my journey three years ago as a resident in Valley View Tower. From there I became a Resident Assistant for the next 2 1/2 years. I have attended many conferences.  I am excited to advise the South Campus Area Council and be apart of such an amazing organization! 

"The best way to be a leader is to help others lead" 


The last 4 years with RHA have transformed my life. I have had the opportunity to attend 15 conferences, presented 17 leadership trainings, three of which were selected as top programs, including program of the year 2019. In 2014, I never imagined that going to our council meeting would provide me with the experiences and opportunities I have had over the years. I have worn many hats, but my favorite thing is to watch other people catch the vision and fire that I caught many years ago.


I have found that dreams beyond your dreams are possible when you have the right mentors, friends, and communities. It is my hope to be able to encourage others to participate in similar opportunities this year so that their lives can be changed for the better as well. I hope to share a spark that has inspired my direction for my future career. Lets keep this fire burning!


I cant wait to work with all of you this year!  

Wendy Johnson

RHA Community Relations Coordinator

Wendy is hard working, loves people, and loves laughter, friendship, and supporting people in any way she can. Wendy is a true leader who loves helping others learn to lead. She is perfectly wonderful and I am grateful she is on our team - Crysi

Shaelyn Pond

RHA Events Coordinator

Shaelyn Pond is currently living in West Campus.


I joined RHA my first year at USU and quickly found my home. RHA provides a wonderful opportunity for networking, growth, personal development, leadership experience, and creating lifelong friendships and memories. I would love to see you all come to check RHA out and experience a great way to get involved and advocate for your area. This is the perfect way for your voice to be heard and to make a real impact in your community!

Erin Killion

National Residence Hall Honorary President

Erin Killion is a Senior at USU majoring in Social Work with a double minor in HDFS and Sociology. She loves to snowboard and dance like no one is watching. Erin has been a part of the National Residence Hall Honorary since 2016-2017. She has loved all of the opportunities that the chapter has to offer and now she is the NRHH President. Erin is very passionate about improving the chapter and creating a fun environment for student leaders.