National Residence Hall Honorary

Awards 2019-2020

Chapter member of the year

Nat Skousen

Outstanding Service Award

Outstanding Leadership Pins

Jacob Horton

Nat Skousen    Daniel Sykes

Natalie Davoust    Wendy Johnson

 This award recognizes the NRHH member who has gone above and beyond the expectation of the chapter. This chapter member has exhibited the service and recognition values in their lives. They have represented NRHH's mission throughout their time at USU. 

Star Awards

 Recognizes those who have demonstrated outstanding support and service to an NRHH Chapter and Residence Hall students.

 To recognize chapter members who have best represented each of the 4 NRHH focuses.


Daniel Sykes 


James VanderMeyden


Samantha Benovitz


Natalie Davoust

Is the highest honor an individual NRHH chapter can award its members. It is given to members who have provided outstanding leadership to their NRHH Chapter through embodying the values of service and recognition.

Graduating Members

Honors cords are given to recognize an NRHH member who has completed their NRHH involvement as an active member at the time of their graduation from Utah State. The cord is given before the date of their graduation day so it may be worn during the ceremony.

Catie Giraldes

Daniel Sykes

Erin Killion

James VanderMeyden