The Opportunity to Network

Are you interested in the chance to travel to different schools

and network with other student leaders? If so, conferencing is

for you! Learn how to develop and present a program on a trip

to regional and national conferences.


Contact Kayla Orton at for more information.


USU is an affiliate of the Intermountain Affiliate of Colleges and Universities

Residence Halls (IACURH).

IACURH is the organization at a regional level and is comprised of schools from Canada, Montana, Idaho,

Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and South Africa.


At a national/international level, the National Association of College and

University Residence Halls (NACURH) consists of over 400 schools from the

United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Qatar, Hong Kong, and South Africa.

NACURH is considered to be the largest student run organization in the world.

It is completely student run, in all of the national and regional positions.


For more information check out the websites for IACURH and NACURH.

If you're looking to get involved with conferencing contact our

National Communications Coordinator, Kayla Orton through an

email at

Check Back Again Later!

We are getting ready to roll out the applications to the IACURH conference in Boulder, Colorado



Contact Kayla Orton for more information.

Ramadan-Iftar NACURH/ACUHO-I Program of the Year